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imported_John Whelan - August 3, 2019
This MaxxForce 7 diesel engine gave us a bit of a challenge with intermittent engine shutdowns. The engine code 3055 (high pressure fuel pump related) led us to a solution in the
imported_John Whelan - August 2, 2019
After eleven years of operation it's not surprising to find a worn out turbocharger. The tell tale sign was a very common engine code for these MBE 900 diesel engines. The SPN 2631
MHUB - July 5, 2019
7 Ways Of Mechanic Skills Evaluation During Hiring Process Pic: Man working on a pulled car engine in a shop.
A car is an expensive toy and most owners take it very seriously. After all, we all want to feel safe and sound when driving, which is why everyone is trying to find the right
MHUB - July 5, 2019
How To Jumpstart Your Automotive Business With The Right Tools Pic: White sport cars in garage with hood up.
Automotive industry is one of the most exciting fields nowadays, due to exciting new technologies which are being implemented. We are not just talking about all the bells and
imported_John Whelan - June 22, 2019
It all started back in 2013 when we purchased 8 International conventional school buses with the Navistar V-8 diesel engine known as the MaxxForce 7. I personally have never
MHUB - June 10, 2019
7 Hard Truths about Soft Skills Picture: Mechanic bending down in blue coveralls fixing a tire on a white car.
You are driving in your car happily contemplating your next activity and listening to the car radio when your car’s “check engine” light suddenly starts to blink. The next logical
MHUB - June 6, 2019
Pros Cons Working Automotive Industry Picture: Close up of man working under car doing repairs
So, you’re fresh out of school and considering a career in the automotive industry. What can you expect from taking a position in a constantly changing field? If you’ve always