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The care and maintenance of trucks can cost owners a small fortune. However, Arnold Mohal, a diesel mechanic, has been able to care for his trucks himself and keep his operation viable in a tough industry.

In doing the maintenance himself, Arnold has saved approximately $130 per hour in labour costs if sent it to a shop. He does a bi-weekly check-over and grease. In addition, he changes the filters and oil on his 1992 NL every 40,000km. This makes a considerable difference, as the income for owner-drivers is about $70 per hour.

Mohal has been a proud owner of a Volvo NL for almost 20 years. The vehicle is well maintained, and won ‘Best Volvo’ at the 2015 Penrith Working Truck Show. "Mate, I think it does better than the new trucks, honestly," he says.

Red 1992 Volvo NL known as "‘Runaway Babe II’ ‘Runaway Babe II’ Image Source: © Owner Driver. All rights reserved.

The original Volvo engine has had little done to it after more than 3 million kilometers. "I put a piston and liner kit in, reconditioned the head and threw it back on," says Arnold, "I haven’t touched the diffs, I can’t fault the truck."

The 12-speed gear box has also had minimal repairs, only a few replacements of synchromesh parts. Mohal estimates that the truck’s fuel economy is about 2.4km/litre on the highway. The 12L engine does single trailer work, as it is only able to function at approximately 400hp.

Arnold has been a proud Volvo customer for a long time, dating back to when he worked at workshops in Sydney more than 35 years ago.

The truck still gets lots of action, it delivers NSW express parcel nightly for several large companies and runs nearly 24 hours per day.
"It holds the road well and it’s comfortable. Volvo's are always comfortable."
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