2009 Ford LCF V6 turbo diesel starting problems

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September 3rd, 2019 2:25pm
Hi Everyone,
I recently bought a 2009 Ford LCF V6 diesel which has been parked for several months. According to the seller, it was driven to a gas station, fueled up and then wouldn't start afterword. The seller had the truck towed to their lot and it has sat there every since.

Not being a mechanic, I'm not sure what to look for to get this thing started. From examining the engine, we did find that the vacuum lines on the turbo was dried rotted and not need to be replaced however I'm not sure if that would cause it not to fire. Also, I've heard of air locks in the fuel lines that might be the issue.
My question is could either of these things cause the engine not to start and if so, what should I do to fix the issue?

I would appreciate any help

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