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Volvo recently announced their upcoming engine lineup for the 2017 manufacture year. So far, next year is shaping up to be a very efficient and eco-friendly year thanks to a new lineup of diesel engines that will be part of Volvo’s industrial line. A number of new products are going to be released and there are also some important updates occurring to the D11 and D13 engines.

A number of Volvo’s current diesel engine options are very efficient which is why these upcoming changes and new releases are going to be so promising and exciting. To improve upon something that is already very profitable and productive, Volvo has really set the bar high for other vehicle manufacturing companies. As much as a 6.5 percent increase in efficiency can be expected with some of the new products, making these diesel engines some of the most efficient that Volvo has ever released in the United States.

One of the newest advances for the 2017 year is the common rail fuel system. Oxygen and fuel are forced together to create a much cleaner product. Wade Long, who is the director of marketing communication for Volvo, explains that this new development was thoroughly tested before being made available. It was unsure if the common rail fuel system was going to be effective enough to market, but the results were promising and exciting. During testing, the efficiency levels were coming back at such impressive levels, that technicians were concerned the equipment was not working or monitoring properly. It turned out to simply be as astounding developing for Volvo.

In addition to diesel engine efficiency, these new Volvo releases also allow for increased productivity when used in a commercial setting. Horsepower has increased thanks to these new developments as well as pound feet of torque for each vehicle. Drivers will be able to better handle their routes as well as handling the road. Not to mention, each vehicle that is part of the fleet will be able to save money overall on fuel costs.
Volvo is very excited about the 2017 lineup. Some of the diesel engine products will begin to be manufactured starting in October of 2016.
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