7 Secrets Your Car Mechanic Doesn’t Want You to Know

7 Secrets Your Car Mechanic Doesn’t Want You to Know: Gray and white image of car mechanic in coveralls working under a car in a shop.
Have you ever had car trouble and found yourself spending more than you anticipated? This could be as a result of some secrets that your car mechanic is using to take advantage of your ignorance. We’ll expose 7 of such secrets!

For most people, cars can be regarded as the extension of their day to day lives. We wouldn`t be capable of carrying out our daily function without them. From running errands to going to work, cars provide us with convenient alternatives for transportation. Due to this, it is vital for us to ensure that our vehicles remain in their best condition. For this to be made possible, we normally have to rely on the assistance of mechanics.

Mechanics can come in handy in various situations, from diagnosing specific problems to having these issues resolved in the best methods possible. Nonetheless, it is worth for us to note that mechanics might not share with you everything. Having said this, below is in-depth coverage of some of the secrets that mechanics may keep away from you.
7 of the Most Remarkable Car Mechanic Secrets

  1. The True Price of Vehicle Parts

It might come as a shock to some, but it`s good to note that most mechanics work for garages that get a significant cut from the sales of car spare parts. Others could even have friends in the spare parts business that they usually support. The bottom line is that most of the spare part prices that a car mechanic tells you are much higher as compared to what you`d get elsewhere.

If you go shopping online, ensure that you purchase only from a reputable car repair service to avoid falling into the trap of receiving counterfeit parts. After you have acquired your vehicle`s spare parts, you should then look for a good car mechanic that will help you install the parts that you will provide. Most will often agree to your terms, but they are unlikely to provide warranties to the work they do if the spare parts you supply turn out to be defective.

  1. Some Repairs Have Workarounds or are Optional

There are myriads of car repairs necessary, especially the ones that are related to your safety. However, it is good to ask yourself whether you are really in need of that optional, fancy feature. Always try and find out whether there could be cheaper and easier ways to fix your car`s problem.

  1. How Your Car Works

One of the main advantages that a car mechanic has over you is his/her knowledge of the manner in which a car functions. If you can find out how your vehicle parts function, you will be better placed to preventing yourself from being taken advantage of by mechanics. You don`t have to know the tiniest of details or how you can replace the parts, but by mastering the basics, you will be in a position to tell that the transmission is what needs replacement and not the shock absorbers.

  1. The Cars that are Reliable

Your car mechanic is likely to prefer that you drove unreliable vehicles for him/her to keep repairing it on your behalf. The reliable type of cars is hardly seen by mechanics except during routine maintenance servicing sessions.

  1. They Have No Idea of How Your Problem Should be Fixed

You`d expect that a mechanic should know how to resolve all your car repair problems. However, you will be shocked that even the best car mechanic doesn`t have a solution for your car, especially with the complicated electronic equipment found in today`s vehicles like your immaculate and best led headlights. Don`t allow mechanics to throw in spare parts in your vehicle haphazardly and hope that the problem will resolve.

  1. They Might not Be Certified

A reliable car mechanic is guaranteed a steady flow of income, which leads to most people honing their mechanic skills and repair cars perfectly without having the required qualifications. Therefore, it is prudent for you to keep in mind that your mechanic fixing car might not have a license, but he/she will hide it from you to earn more cash.

  1. They Use Scare Tactics to Get Hired

Have you at any time taken your vehicle to a car mechanic that told you that you shouldn`t drive it even for one mile? Has your car mechanic ever acted as though he/she was held your safety close to heart only to be using it as a means of pushing you to repair your car immediately? It is likely that your mechanic was incorporating the use of scare tactics.

These scare tactics come in handy for a car mechanic to push you into leaving your vehicle with them and allow them to do their repair job. To curb this, always be ready to ask other mechanics for their opinion.


A car mechanic is one of the most crucial people in car enthusiasts` lives. Well, this is because they are not only helpful for car repair services, but they also help in ensuring that your car is working under optimum conditions. However, as has been shown above, there are some secrets that car mechanics have, most of which make allow them to take advantage of their clients. With knowledge of the above secrets, you shouldn't let your car mechanic manipulate you into spilling unnecessary cash.

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