Allison Transmission Troubleshooting

Mechanics Hub - November 25, 2011
Allison Automatic Transmission Wiring & Troubleshooting The Allison Transmission Control Unit on the 1999 Saf-T-Liner is located under the floor directly below the driver. There are 3 plug-ins which is an easy way to tell this is a W-TEC 3 system [World Transmission Electronic Unit 3rd generation]. The Transmission vehicle speed signal enters here and exits at two different plugs, one for the speedometer and the other to the Cummins ISC ECU. We will trace the exiting wire from the ECU that provides our Vehicle Speed Signal since that is the code and the speedometer is operating normally. Since we have speedo operation that gives us an obvious clue that the incoming signal to the Trans ECU is OK.[resistance should be checked regardless]The wire we want to trace goes from the Trans ECU to the VIM [Vehicle Interface Module]Removing the dash back cover makes this check MUCH easier. Remove the cover from the VIM The VIM is an interface between the Trans ECU and the chasis wiring. Various operations are accomplished through this module like the exhaust brake, back up lights, neutral start, high idle and of course our vehicle speed signal runs through here to the Engine ECU.[Click the Pic to Enlarge]Now we can check the continuity and see if we have a circuit. After checking this out there is no connection between the Trans. ECU and the VIM.I'll run a new wire to repair the open circuit, an easy fix. It's nice to get a gimme once in awhile!In the VIM you'll notice a series of relays and 2 fuses. If you experience a dead keypad and there is battery voltage to the VIM then check these fuses. One is main power & the other is ignition power. The other vehicle speed signal wire [tan wire # 157] comes from the trans ECU directly to the speedo. The speed signal to the VIM is the same number [tan wire #157] since it comes from a different plug. This is where it all begins from the output shaft housing of the transmission. The output sensor is a single coil unit that sends an AC voltage to the Trans ECU.There is a toothed wheel rotating inside the housing that creates the signal to the sensor.The Allison 3000 Automatic Transmission is a very reliable unit when maintained properly. The wiring problems come and go but are easy to trace and repair with the right tools and wiring diagrams.