alternator with 30 volt output hoe to hook uo to battery 12v

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August 7th, 2012 7:42pm
On that o ring oil leak I drained the reservoir tank and it still leaks oil out I cannot believe this , well I have not got the parts yet to replace yet so I still have time.

Now I have another problem with new holland backhoe. The alternator wiring is not hooked up yet for charging 12volt dc battery. I guess it has some regulator to ouput 30 volts dc (checked while running) but it only needs 12volts or so to charge battery and run future lights etc.This is a changed out motor using a mercedes diesel about 50 horse still to be exactly identified. The wiring from dash has a wire but it does not go to any other regulator that I can see.Should I go out and get another regulator 1 wire and hook in line with output from alternator? Any help with all problems will be appreciated.
August 8th, 2012 4:52am
It seems to me that your tractor has a 24V alternator. You say the engine was just installed from something else. If it is electronic, you will have the computer(s) to also install. If it is electronic, the injection system will have injectors that will only work with the proper computer at the correct voltage.

If the engine will, in fact, be made to work, it will probably be a lot cheaper and easier to convert everything else to 24V.

If it not an electronic engine, you can probably get away with installing the proper alternator system at the correct voltage.
August 10th, 2012 2:26pm
Hello Jim jf I may, thanks for reply. To let you know this is not a newer engine it is an older Mercedes 4 cyl. around 78 or so . The starter is the only electric on it and is a 12 volt system. I had it running although I had to start it with a boost from a jumper charger of 50 amps output. Oh the glow plugs I believe are the other 12 volt electric on it and seem to work fine 7 to 10 seconds 1/4 throttle it fires up. back to the regulator question I was hoping I only had to find a step down voltage regulator for future system lights etc. Heck if that's the case as you said I am going to sell this and buy a proper alternator. I had no idea they run such a higher voltage alternator system. At this point do they really run 24 volt systems for lights, fans, wiper motors. Kinda getting more lost with this tech thing.
August 12th, 2012 10:13pm
Hello Kenneth, Most heavy equipment does utilize 24V systems, although all the backhoes I've personally worked on have been 12V.

Sounds like the person who sold you the engine may have had it sitting around in storage for awhile and someone took the original Alternator, so when it came time to sell the engine to you the vendor just grabbed an alt. he had on hand and installed it not realizing (or caring) that it was not a match to the other components.

If it were me faced with this situation I would do as you mentioned and just buy a whole new alternator with the proper output instead of trying to find another regulator for the one you have...
August 18th, 2012 1:09pm
Thank's Matthew. Good to know stuff. Will work on trying to swap out 24v to 12v alternator.I just got to find a site or call somewhat local.

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