Atlas Coco Drilling Rig in a mining pit with cloudy night sky.
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Atlas Copco has announced some impressive new features for its FlexiROC T15 R drill rig. The four-wheel drive rig, which was first launch in 2008, has been updated with remote control, Bluetooth radio, a tier 4 Final engine, and several other unique upgrades.

Designed for rugged terrain, the FlexiROC T15 R can drill holes up to 51mm, while the rig’s a long room reach of 4,500mm.  Its 360 degree roll-over feed system has become a fundamental machine to have onsite for stone quarrying, boulder blasting, bolt installations, and other construction projects.

The new 2.8 Cummins Tier 4 Final engine that allows fuel consumption to be kept to a minimum with its adjustable RPM remote control system.

Moreover, the control system allows for optimal productivity by automatically adjusting the feed speed and impact in proportion to the torque rotation.

If the drill is paired with the hydraulic rock drill from the COP 1020 range, it can be used in especially rough terrain and difficult to reach places.