Automotive Technician Survey Article: Picture of bearded mechanic with safety googles on and wearing coveralls and holding large wrench.
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Everyone in the Automotive Industry knows Technicians are hard to come by.  For people outside the industry who may not know, it is a challenging job which requires a very advanced skill set that many do not possess.  But for how hard Technicians work and how many hours they put in each week, they are usually underpaid and undervalued by their employers.  However, most companies in the automotive service industry will tell you, when you lose a good Technician it is hard to find a replacement.

Christian Brothers Automotive is conducting a brief survey for all technicians in the automotive industry.  One of the main complaints we have seen from technicians is their voice is never heard.  The goal of this survey is to give technicians a voice and a platform to address the things they hope would change in their profession. We want to know things such as what led them to this career path, as well as what they like about their profession.  We would also like to know what they dislike about their profession and given the opportunity, what they would change about it.

More often than not, employers do not even bother getting to know their employees on a personal level so in addition to questions involving their career, we would also like to learn some things they enjoy doing in their free time. Christian Brothers Automotive has been voted one of the best places to work, but knowing these answers will help us continue to grow as a company.