Bad brakes led to a blown Diff.

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March 14th, 2012 5:52pm
So, this truck gets towed into the shop......the rear wheels (axle) was seized. After taking off the wheels, we found that the rear left brake shoe had no pad left on it. The driver made a strong brake app. and the backing plate tore away from the calipre and got itself jammed up. This was the cause of the seizure. Well, we threw the brakes back together and performed a road test. There was an awful grinding noise coming from the diff. so, that was the end of the road test and it went back to the shop. I took the diff. apart only to find that three of the teeth on the ring gear were broken and in the bottom of the banjo housing. Also, the pinion gear had alot of damage. So, out came the diff. and sent off to be rebuilt......I was really surprised that the drive shaft or yolk didn't snap as well. Lucky for him, it didn't!

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