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Everyday somewhere in the country a semi-truck rolls over because there has been a loss of control by the driver. These accidents can be prevented with a full-stability system that can reduce or eliminate loss-of-control situations. Bendix provides a difference in commercial vehicle stability systems with their ESP technology. Theirs is the first in the industry capable of recognizing and assisting in under-steel and over-steel loss of control driving events.

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems met with customers of National Interstate Insurance to offer them an insight into their safety technology. Fred Andersky, director of their customer solutions control group informed the group of the ever changing commercial vehicle safety environment and the need for everyone to share important tools by communicating and sharing knowledge.

Bendix is also able to provide commercial vehicles with surer, safer stops with their air disc brakes that require less maintenance and last twice as long. Insurance companies like National Interstate are providing their customers with the opportunity to learn about these new technologies and help make all commercial vehicles safer, thus making highways safer for everyone.

Cruise control with braking features included with collision mitigation technology is another safety feature Bendix has the technology and created for commercial vehicles. They assist drivers in collisions, roll-overs and loss-of-control situations. Andersky added at the meeting that the more customers know about technology the better equipped they will be to build awareness. They will also be more able to take advantage of advanced safety technologies and implement these features in their fleet.

National Interstate Insurance primarily deals with customers in specialty insurance markets. Their main ones are those in the transportation industry. It was these representatives that met with Andersky as he presented an overview of commercial vehicle safety technologies. He presented them with an understanding of driver assistance systems and upcoming regulations that will impact the commercial transportation industry.

Driver assistance systems include the integration of camera, radar and brakes which bring a new level of performance for drivers in North America. Gathering input from radar, video and the brake system creates a detailed picture for accurate data collection. Use of systems such as these will create a new generation of safer drivers.