Bobcat 440B Skid Steer not charging

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April 14th, 2015 9:53pm
Well after a few years as a Ford dealership diesel tech I started today as a Farm Tech. The owner of the farm currently has only one other tech working for him in the shop, an older guy whos on to retirement soon so time to replace. This is of a course an organic dairy farm, so should be lots of fun. But onto the problem! First thing this morning one of the calf feeders comes down to the shop and tells me the skid steer they use for feeding stalled. So I grab a few tools and the battery charger and head up to the calf barn. I allow the battery to charge for a few minutes (it sounded weak cranking), and then try to start it up, it fired right up. So I then checked the battery voltage with my my multimeter. I slowly watched the voltage trickle from 12.8v down a tick at a time to 12.4. I could see that the skid steer isn't charging the battery. I havnt yet gotten into it, but a google search brought up the skid steer does have a generator (I thought it may have a rectifier plate or something). Ill keep you posted on how repairs go!
April 21st, 2015 8:36pm
Well skid steer problem repaired! I removed the flywheel and indeed found a rectifier plate. The flywheel and rectifier were covered in filth. I started by cleaning the flywheel which had magnets on the back side of it, the magnets were in good shape and none were broken, so a bit of cleaning and the flywheel looked pretty new. I then turned my attention to the rectifier plate. All of the coils were dirty, but most importantly so were the contacts at the end of coils. So after a thorough cleaning I reassembled everything and found the system to charge at about 15 volts. Maybe not what its supposed to charge at, but enough to certainly keep things going nicely!

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