Case 620b XT - no gear - transmission selection

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June 15th, 2013 6:31am
I have come to this forum in seek of some help in getting an abandoned FEL up and running for myself on my farm

Unit is a Case 620B XT and I have managed to get engine going, steering - but now working on transmission

I cannot select any gears (forward or Neutral)

Managed to obtain via ebay a workshop manual and electrical manual, and following through tests

I have managed to get through a series of steps but have now found a possible fault

On the Control module, I do not have 24V on pin 25.. Pins 1, 19 and 2 have voltage with key on

About to trace harness wiring, but unsure if this is a direct output to the M valves - or if it is an incoming voltage

If any could assist - would be appreciated

Note all wiring in this unit is in fair condition. FEL has been sitting idle for 5 years and has some severe corrosion

Any assistance would be appreciated


June 30th, 2013 7:22pm
I would like to try and help with maybe why it does not get selected for shifting into gear. As you might know that some mfgs now have safety parameters of not starting as well as not selecting driving without the safety's tied in and connected to move a vehicle. Check all safeties involved from that manual. Sometimes it could be just a door switch or seat switch. Some of theses switches are exposed to the elements. Just a thought Kenny

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