Cat d6mxl system monitor data

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October 20th, 2016 5:09pm
I've got a 2001 caterpillar d6mxl dozer s/n 3N02527 That Ive been chasing down some trouble codes for. I'd rather put my hand in a garbage disposal and turn it on than deal with our local Wayne Supply Cat dealer.
I bought a Chinese Cat et 3 adapter and software to check the codes. I had been using my nexiq, but from what I can tell since the elm's communicate through the cat net you can't do anything over regular j1939 etc..
When I connect to the unit cat et tells me there are 2 ecms, but I can only communicate with 1 (transmission) and not the system monitor. After running the unit for a short time I get a warning light on the monitor. I believe it indicated a restriction in the filters for the transmission. The symbol is a large gear with a track on each side. Since I can't see the monitor side of things I'm just guessing. I am not sure where the filters are for the transmission, but I'm guessing that I should replace them as a starting point. The unit runs and shifts fine, aside from the warning light.
I also need to calibrate to steering, but I think I can figure that out through Cat et. According to the software I have to raise the machine off the ground and be able to rotate the tracks to go through the calibration procedure.

Any advice is appreciated.

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