CAT D6N XL dozer imp ctrl fault 1558-9

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July 10th, 2018 6:00pm
Hey guys I am new to the site and I am needing help with a D6n XL dozer I am troubleshooting the hydraulics on. It is due to the blade and ripper not functioning anymore the lock button turns on and off but will not operate as it should. I have been told there is a relay and a ecm that work with the lock for hydraulics but am not sure if I am checking in the correct spot I found a solenoid on the right side of the seat on top of what looks like a hydraulic manifold, and the ecm I believe is on the drivers side in front of battery compartment. Do any of you guys have tips on how to find out or does anyone know if this is the correct location on this machine. It is showing fault 1558-9 on the screen.
serial number is C6E47407 its a CAT D6N XL

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