CAT 316F Mini Excavator
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Caterpillar is known for its series of machines and it now has four new F Series machines on the market. This now finished the 11-90-ton tracked excavators series they started previously. The new machines are as follows.

The difference between this machine and the GC model is the overall efficiency. This design will do more work for each unit of fuel. Like all o the machines in the F series, this one is powered with an engine that has 100 horsepower. The cab has good amounts of storage, climate control, customized control sticks and an LCD monitor.

This machine is a compact radius excavator that works well in confined spaces. It only needs a space of 12 feet five inches to swing around and get the job done. The boom on this machine is positioned to support more lift capacity in the front and with the negative flow hydraulic system, it operates like an open center valve system. That means it uses less energy and receives less wear and tear.

For workers who move from job to job on a regular basis, this machine is a great option. The coupler allows for each attachment changes in a quick manner and the buckets can dig through soft and hard soil. The versatile excavators along this line can do demolitions or easy jobs and everything in between.

Excavators tend to burn through a lot of fuel, but this machine burns the same amount as a 16-ton machine and it still gives a breakout force with even larger bucket options available. Workers that have to move between jobs frequently find this machine easier to transport and it still gets the job done.

The versatile machine lineup is now rounded out with the 4 new excavators in the F series line. The versatility ranges can help get any job done, whether the job is tough, easy, or in various locations.
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