CFP Wilbrod-Bherer

CFP Wilbrod-Bherer

MHUB - January 1, 2015
Province/State QC
City: Québec City
Province/State: Quebec
Mechanic Programs: Heavy Equipment & Heavy Truck

Heavy Equipment Program Summary:
Analyze, diagnose and repair hydraulic systems, fuel injection systems, transmissions, computer-assisted.
Repair the braking, steering and traction systems for construction machinery such as crawler tractor, grader, excavator on wheels or crawler, wheel loader, etc..
Maintenance and repair charging systems and starting.

Heavy Truck Program Summary:
Repair engines, transmissions and differentials.
Check and repair the steering, suspension and brakes.
Perform maintenance, diagnosis and repair of electronic fuel injection systems, charging systems and starting.

Program Contact Details:
Telephone: (418) 525-8757
Fax: (418) 525-8133
Email: [email protected]