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john-whelan-2 September 28, 2019
Electrical troubleshooting can be a breeze once you know the layout. It's much like any blueprint that details the operating system. With this Thomas HDX rear engine pusher model
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john-whelan-2 September 10, 2019
I posted a similar video like this one a while back with the same scenario. I thought it was important to show again the importance of what to check when a diesel fails to run. The
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john-whelan-2 September 9, 2019
As many Mechanics know emission controlled diesel engines need a parked regen once in a while. Most times the engine and MIL amber dash light will come on indicating a fault code
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john-whelan-2 September 8, 2019
This was a curious question I had on these viscous engine fan drives that are very stiff and run even when the diesel engine is cold. The Horton fan clutch design is beautiful
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john-whelan-2 August 11, 2019
I will not hold back in saying of all the tools Navistar provides their software is excellent. The NED (navistar engine diagnostics) works very well to maintain and troubleshoot
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john-whelan-2 August 3, 2019
This MaxxForce 7 diesel engine gave us a bit of a challenge with intermittent engine shutdowns. The engine code 3055 (high pressure fuel pump related) led us to a solution in the
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john-whelan-2 August 2, 2019
After eleven years of operation it's not surprising to find a worn out turbocharger. The tell tale sign was a very common engine code for these MBE 900 diesel engines. The SPN 2631
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