Country Facing Pending Mechanic Shortage

Mechanics Hub - September 10, 2012
Contrary to public opinion, no person is an island, at least typically. There are people we rely on to function without even realizing it, such as garbage collectors, utility workers and other skilled labor that go largely unseen by many. However, much of this skilled labor is in increasingly short supply, as a mechanic shortage, along with a number of skilled trades, is starting to manifest itself. Automobiles to stop running, planes to fall out of sky because of mechanic shortageNot everyone appreciates all the jobs that need to be done in order for most aspects of daily life to be possible. Dealing with trash needs a garbage service, technicians have to maintain power and phone lines, automobiles need mechanics, etc. All these jobs require people with specialized training, referred to as “skilled labor.”What many don't know is that skilled labor is actually in relatively short supply. According to the Wall Street Journal, a number of industries employing skilled tradesmen have been reporting shortages for a while, among them, according to USA Today, is a mechanic shortage.Aircraft mechanics are in short supply just as much as car technicians. A PBS article dating September 2000 talked about the shortages, which means they have been taking place for a while. Grease monkeys sought afterA lot of people who are already skilled as automotive service technicians will not be working anymore by 2020, causing a 17 percent increase in the demand for them, according to the Agency of Labor Statistics.Carlisle and Co. did a survey of GM, Ford and Chrysler mechanics at dealerships and found that people are not very young. In fact, the average age of a mechanic was in the early 40s.Automobiles are very complex now and require a lot more work than they used to. A ton of enthusiasts are happy when they can put together an old car, but today’s maintenance needs a laptop and a ton of troubleshooting.Get in while you canWyoTech explained that there is an enormous shortage in diesel technicians. These specialists can work on automobiles also as machines at power plants with heavy equipment. There is also an enormous increase in diesel vehicles anticipated in the country due to their gas mileage advantage.Those who think they would enjoy a career as an automobile mechanic should probably be warned that the field is going to require a ton of training and ability to keep up with changing technology. A decent ability in math and science is a must. Starting salary, according to USA Today, is around $36,000 for most, though the more skilled specialists, such as those who work in service stations and  dealerships  might make as much as $60,000, with some seniority.SourcesWall Street JournalUSA TodayWyoTech