Crank no start: Maxxforce 7.4L (DT225)

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August 31st, 2021 11:16pm

So I have read up on a lot of sites about this motor, which I think I regret buying due to so much negative feedback... and I believe my new truck to be no exception (expecting many problems in the future...) but I'm quite confused and concerned at this point...

I just bought the truck 75 miles ago... started up fine (but was warm when I arrived - no choice on this, they had to pull it out of a lot), freeway speeds for 65 miles, then parked overnight.  Started a drive next morning and went 10 miles, truck died on 405 in Los Angeles but I stumbled off freeway (thank God it was 7am on a Saturday) wouldn't start to save its life but after 30 minutes while waiting on a wrecker, managed to stumble on for 10 seconds and get it off the main road.  Limped off and died again with no start possible.  Cranks fine.

Would not start up after being towed.  $350 tow bill later (thank you South Side Towing of Costa Mesa, good guys saved me some $$)  sat in lot for a week, still no start.  Tried the cruise ON UP + RESUME/ACCEL DOWN buttons and no codes are shown on the lower dash readout (must mean that the truck does not have the reporting function, or someone has pulled a fuse?  Can't tell that any fuses are missing under passenger dash) and how would i know if this truck came with diagnostic software to display errors?

After reading I searched for the exhaust brake valve to see if it was open.  it was not (actually, dummy me I couldn't find the solenoid) but I know it was not because now the truck started up fine, see below...

I pressed in a pressure valve on the fuel filter (looks a lot like air valve on air brake tanks) and no pressure or fuel came out. The center hole pressed in quite easily with the end of a key.

I also tried a time consuming ignition on/off/on/off/on/off cycle, approx 10 seconds each, trying to see if the pump would prime. Still no fire.

I searched for the ICP valve, and could not find it on the fuel filter or as positioned in other online videos (this engine looks nothing like others on youtube but still having trouble) however I did see a wire connection very close to the filter, and wouldn't you know it?  disconnecting that wire connection, the truck immediately fired first try.  I heard that there is a bypass on the trucks that forces full on pressure out of the fuel pump and I apparently found it... due to it being so obvious and in my face right below the fuel filter and in plain site.

So... now that the truck starts no problem, what will I run into on the road?  I have a 1,200 mile journey to take in this truck asap and dont want to die in the middle of a mountain decline or dangerous situation... is this related to the injectors leaking into my oil?  My oil does not smell heavily of diesel, nor is it increasing in fill level after idling for 20 minutes.

I have tried starting the DPF cleaning function but the green light flashes 3x and turns off.  Perhaps not hot enough?

Could this be an oil pressure problem?  not building enough pressure for the ICP sensor to fire up the fuel pump?  I've been thinking of removing the valve cover to take a closer look but I'd like to know what happens when I fire up the truck with this cover off...

Your thoughts and recommendations are appreciated... I'm not a full time mech, and have very little experience with diesel motors. just trying my best to get a cheap truck to run so I can get myself moved.

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