Cummins engine.
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Cummins Inc. has announced the release of a Single Module for customers with mid-range engines looking to meet emission regulations for Stage V. The solution offers a 50% reduction in size and 30% weight reduction compared to current product offerings in the marketing.

The Single Module platform offers products that are designed to be multifunctional and used for different application. Numerous length options offer customers an opportunity to select the best suited after treatment system sized to meet their medium engine output needs.

"As the requirement to meet the emissions levels set for Stage V becomes ever nearer, our customers are looking for an innovative solution to meet their needs. With the Single Module, we have a product that not only does this, but also delivers on the diverse engine and application needs of the customer with a number of options to choose from," said Marina Savelli, General Manager of the off-highway business for Cummins Emission Solutions.

The Compact Mixer is a critical enabler of the reduced size and weight of the Single Module. This system ensures that it remains as efficient as possible in NOx conversion. It allows for maximized urea mixing while reducing the risk of urea deposits.

The diesel particulate filter's passive regeneration events minimize the need for preventative cleaning and maintenance and the selective catalytic reduction system is coupled with the UL2 Urea Dosing System that delivers a fine mist of urea.
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