D6k hydraulic problem

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November 20th, 2018 5:49am
Hey guys I'm having trouble with a D6k. The winch and the blade does not work. After trying to calibrate all the solenoids with a CAT ET, it says"error out of range high" during the process. All electrical components seem so be good. There are no errors from diagnostics except the solenoids needs to be calibrated. After months of troubleshooting I think the problem might be the pilot shutoff valve preventing hydraulic flow to the solenoids. I am yet to find this valve but that is the only thing that is common to both the winch and the blade that I can see from the schematics. The implement pump is separate from the pump for the winch. The fan that is hydraulically driven is working. The tracks turns and everything is working in that department. The operator present switch is working and the lockout switch works as well.Any help would be nice thank you.

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