Diesel Engine Mechanic Tips

Mechanics Hub - August 31, 2014

Here are some diesel engine mechanic tips I've learned over the years. I want to keep them basic so anyone can follow them. Keeping things simple and following these tips will pay off in the long run. If you are thinking you don't have time just think about the consequences if you neglect these basic areas on your diesel engine.

1) Always keep the intake air clean with proper filtration and check the inlet piping and hoses for deterioration.

2) Make sure fuel filters are replaced consistently according to manufacturer's specs. (probably the most overlooked mechanical solution)

3) Adjust the engine valves at least once a year or depending on how much mileage accumulated.

4) Check the coolant for proper protection and replace every 2 years to prevent deterioration. Coolant breaks down and becomes acidic eating away at gaskets and castings.

5) Check turbocharger and exhaust system for leaks to prevent power loss. Check the turbo shaft for wear or any indication of contact with the housing.

6) Make sure charge air cooler does not have any leaks to prevent power loss. Turbo boost drops substantially with any core leakage in the cooler.

7) Check fuel lines for looseness or damage to prevent air entering the fuel system. Air in the fuel causes hard start & no power problems.

8) Replace coolant thermostats every 2 years. A thermostat that is stuck open or closed causes overheating or cold running conditions.

9)Load test your batteries every fall to give you an indication of their state of charge. Being prepared before winter starts is a good habit to get into.

10)Check your block heater as well, which goes without saying how vital it can be when you are on the road and parked far away from any mechanical assistance.

I hope these basic Mechanic Information Tips have helped you. I have seen a lot of preventable break downs because one or more of these checks have not been made. It's preventive maintenance that should be followed to save you headaches down the road.