The Diesel Engine Water Fuel Separator

imported_John Whelan - April 10, 2014

Water In Fuel Engine Code

In the video I explained the engine code was a “water in fuel” problem. This isn't really common since our regular maintenance should avoid that but if there is water getting into the fuel tank of the bus or even the bulk tank that has to be checked out.

The bus is from out of town and another bus from the same location had the the exact code so just to play it safe we had the bulk fuel tank dipped for water contamination. It was clean and has a filter before the tank which was not contaminated. It's hard to say how water got into the bus fuel tank so we will have to keep an eye on both units.

In the end the primary fuel filter was replaced in this situation along with the “water in fuel” sensor that screws into the bottom of the filter bowl. Since then (2 weeks) there has not been a repeat failure.

This is something that has to be monitored closely because of the detrimental effect water would have on the fuel injection system. Water does not lubricate so you can imagine the problems that would arise if this condition escalated.

Fleetguard Filters

We use fleetguard filters for our fleet because of the name and the national fleet pricing we receive. Fleetguard provides us with automotive, truck and bus filters for both gas and diesel engines. Years ago we were using another brand and switched to Fleetguard.

The change was a bit of a headache keeping with the cross over filter numbers and applications. I am determined to not go through that again because of the hassle to switch from one brand to another. There has never been any failures with our filters just a few manufacturing flaws like an o-ring that has fallen out of place or a damaged filter from shipping.

That stuff happens but all I care about is no problems in the dead of winter and the filters don't fail when the oil flow in the engine is heavy and the pressures are high. That's the crucial moment when an oil filter could fail and thankfully we have not experienced that.

The Importance of the Primary Water Separator Fuel Filter

Without the primary fuel filter and the water separator I would expect some moisture could sneak by which means trouble for the fuel injection system. But the OEM (original equipment manufacturers) are thinking smart and installing a primary water fuel separator in their vehicles.

I'm not sure if this is an option but I would not hesitate to have this filter as a standard component. A primary and secondary fuel filter system is guaranteed to prevent any contaminated fuel and water from entering the fuel injection system.

I thank you for reading this post and I hope you leave a comment on the subject.

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