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Volvo has been known for many years for their ingenuity, craftsmanship, and innovation, so their recent announcement of a new kind of special technology shouldn't come as much of a surprise to the automotive industry. Still, the market has been blown away by the new invention that the company will be releasing soon. Read on for more information about Volvo's brand new smartphone controlled digital car keys.

Brand New Kind of App
Smartphones have fast become one of the most versatile and useful kinds of technology available currently, and one way they have gotten to be so popular is through their applications, or "apps". Volvo intends to have their own app available soon that will connect a person's car with their smartphone via a Bluetooth connection. In other words, instead of having a standard car key, they would use their phone to start the engine or open the door. This special app will work on more than one car, and anyone who wants to drive the cars must have the app and be in close proximity to complete the blue tooth connection required.

Car Sharing
Volvo intends to promote car sharing with the new app, so cars can become more functional and useful. As an example of this, they mentioned how it could make renting a car so much easier because the "key" to your rental car could be sent straight to your phone. Instead of waiting for someone to hand you a physical set of keys, it would be instantly available, and the digital key could be given to anyone you want to have it.

Release Date
The smartphone app and digital key technology will be available within in about a year according to Volvo. They are currently still working on ironing out any kinks before it hits the production line. A pilot program will begin soon to test it out on commercial vehicles.