Doosan DX140W-5
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Doosan’s new power tilting coupler providing increased excavator flexibility, versatility and precision when digging trenches, general excavation applications and final grading tasks. The coupler offers excavators up to 134 degrees of flexibility. The part saves time normally used to repositions the entire machine or change attachments by allowing operator’s toangle a trenching or ditching bucket 67 degrees to the left and 67 degrees to the right.

The coupler eliminates the need for additional attachments. During demolition tasks, the ability to have functionality to tilt a breaker can save a lot of time and reduce costs for operators.

The coupler has the ability to navigate around or below objects to complete tasks. For example, the piece would allow operates to work under an underground pipe in order to complete tasks. Digging trenches is made easier with the coupler as it offers more precision performing general excavation and final grading.

The new power tilting coupler is approved for Doosan excavators: the DX63-3 compact model; DX140LC-5 through DX255LC-5 crawler models; and DX140W-5 through DX210W-5 wheel models.
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