Draining air tanks in cold weather

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November 25th, 2010 8:09pm
Our fleet does not drain air tanks especially in cold weather (we're getting a cold snap right now -20 celsius and lower with the wind chill). Operators open the drain for a couple of seconds on their post trip.

We have heated air dryers and have better luck preventing air valves from freezing & air systems building up normally. We also add brake line antifreeze in the wet tank during a service.

Does anybody follow this practice or do you have a different approach?

Appreciate your feedback.:)
November 26th, 2010 4:33am
All our fleets ran alcohol bottles they would usually last between services on refills. Ran Safe T Brake in them.
November 27th, 2010 7:44am
Usually on the off road stuff the program was to open the pet cock after shift. On the rigs, I tell the operator drain the tank every 12 hours or once a shift. The engines on most rigs use the service air for the rig savers only (in most cases)but the compressor still compresses. This tends to let the moisture build over time with no air movement.
November 30th, 2010 11:08pm
At my last job the city truck drivers would drain there tanks at the end of every shift. They were also in the process of adding alcohol injectors to all trucks...that is here in alberta though.
January 30th, 2011 2:19am
Drain tanks daily air dryer with a sniffer behind the dryer. We have trucks that pull loads with 160 wheels cant afford to be pissing around with ice in air lines. we add safty brake to everything once or twice a day.

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