Dt466 Stater breakdown

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Charlie Brown
February 18th, 2021 2:16am

I have a international 4300 I've been working on. The truck gets half way up on the temp gauge at the truck starts to bog down and blows white smoke. Like its running out of diesel . Then it shuts down and won't start till it cools down, then starts right back up Like nothing happened till it gets warm again. I have no codes . I replaced the iCp valve and sensor, didn't change anything. I relieved the injector orings. After replacing the rings the battery was dead and one of the employees didn't wait on me to try to jump it off. The sister stuck and melted the relay in the fuse box. So I fixed that. And that starter. The starter solenoid was stuck. Someone took the starter apart to fix it and got fired. Well I'm stuck with a torn apart stater and trying to fix a breakdown on what goes where inside the starter. If someone would have any info on putting the sister back together. Please contact me. I may still have the running issue but can't advise that any more to I get the starter back together . Thanks in advance

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