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February 15th, 2013 2:24am
I am on the search for fleet owners of Bell/Hitachi articulated truck owners.

I own and operate a repair company in NSW, Australia which manages a fleet of Bell/Hitachi articulated trucks.

The models include,

Hitachi AH300, AH400 and AH500s (Mark IV and up models)

Bell B40D and B50D (again Mark IV and up)

There are not a lot of these types of trucks in NSW and even Australia. I am looking for some fleet owners to discuss (via email) what sort of issues to look out for.

The trucks we have range from brand new through to 8,500 hours. I have not found any other trucks with over these hours so far.

I am anticipating that we will have the major components get through to at least 15,000 hours but my concerns are what could happen while we get there.

If you know of any such companies with these trucks I would appreciate if you would forward their email/website details or forward on this message.


Ian Shilling
May 26th, 2013 10:59am
For your first dump truck, I'd look for a L9000 with the walking beam suspension (check for play in the beams by turning the truck sharply) Full lockers are a must have!

Being your first truck your gonna take every job you can get, atleast I did! and it put me in some predicaments that only lockers can get you out of!

They're extremely reliable, I have the CAT 3306 oddball turned up to 400HP its very strong and runs good. The BIG CAM cummins is also reliable and a fuel sipper. (sometimes)

They can also be picked up cheap!

Make sure you get the long hood version, makes working on it a helluva lot easier.

Good luck.

Rachel !!!

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