East Coast International Trucks debuted its new HX series at the Atlantic Heavy Equipment Show. Picture shows fleet of International HX Series Trucks
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East Coast International Trucks debuted its new HX series at the Atlantic Heavy Equipment Show. The HX Series is a new generation of Class 8 rigs to replace the International PayStar.

The HX Series lineup includes four newly available rigs: the HX515, HX615, HX520 and the HX620. East Coast International Trucks gears the series toward the premium vocational market, with hopes of reclaiming a leading position in the market.

The introduction of the series, which started the year with a bang, coincided with an ISL engine announcement and the innovation of over-the-air reprogramming.

The company is already placing orders, according to David Lockhart, president of East Coast International Trucks. In a remark to the press, Lockhart expressed eagerness to see the series perform in the Maritime provinces. Understandably so. This is the first new set of products from East Coast International Trucks since 2010, and the entire series seems destined for severe duty success.

Three of the models -- 615, 520 and 620 -- are axle truck or tractor, while the 515 is a set-forward axle straight truck with a 115-inch BBC. The 520 is also a set-forward with a 115-inch BBC. Similarly, the 615 and the 620 are each 115-inch BBC, but they are set-back.

The 520 and the 620 enjoy Cummins ISX15 power, while Navistar's N13 engine powers the 515 and the 615. Some overall design elements of the HX Series vary from the PayStar as well.

The HX Series is more curvy than the PayStar, and more stylish interiors reflect a onetime venture between Caterpillar and Navistar. Drivers have easier access to angled center consoles, sturdy rocker switches and softer touch points.

The silhouette of the HX Series is more streamlined than PayStar as well, with a sloping, tapered hood that improves visibility, a raised sightline down the middle of the hood, halogen headlights, a standout LED brow and a giant rear window for greater rearward visibility.

Bill Kozek, president of Navistar truck and parts, said about the HX Series, "I'm proud of the trucks we're building today. They're some of the best we've ever built."
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