Container of Eaton PS-386 Synthetic Transmission Lubricant.
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This year, during the week of January 25th, heavy duty insiders, professionals, and enthusiasts alike all flocked to the 11th annual HDAW conference held at the Mirage in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Here, next to the prototypical, man-made volcano, in the chilly, sixty degree winter temperatures, attendees were treated to the unveiling of some of the cutting edge technological innovations that will propel the industry into the next generation.  Among such luminaries was aftermarket giant, Eaton, who introduced a new 430mm replacement clutch, as well as two ingeniously crafted transmission lubricants; the PS-386 and the PS-278.

PS-386 Synthetic Transmission Lubricant
Meant to maximize fuel efficiency while reducing wear in transmissions designed for heavy duty applications, Eaton's state of the art lubricant also promises to increase fuel economy by 1.5%.  If that were all PS-386 was capable of achieving, it would be enough, yet it can also extend those pesky drain intervals, resist sludge accumulation, fight off rust, and other forms of corrosion, all while boosting overall performance.  The PS-386 works with heavy duty Eaton transmissions such as the RT Series, UltraShift PLUS, and Fuller Advantage lines, and is backed by the Roadranger network (Link 1).

PS-278 Synthetic Transmission Lubricant
The PS-278 acts as the "Little Brother" to the PS-386.  It pledges many of the same benefits- such as the extended drain intervals, reduced wear, and increased fuel economy- with the most notable difference stemming from the fact that the PS-278 was specifically designed by Eaton to work with their medium-duty transmission line, otherwise known as Procision.

Eaton's 430mm Volvo I-Shift Replacement Clutch
A longtime leader in the heavy duty "Will-Fit" part industry, Eaton has designed this new, 430mm clutch to be a direct replacement for the above mentioned Volvo transmissions.  Completely constructed from new- never re-manufactured- material, Eaton's clutch utilizes a soft-rate damper devised to safeguard equipment against potentially harmful torsional vibrations while simultaneously reducing noise.  Other attributes attributed to this new design include: lower pedal resistance, protracted clutch life, and increased bottom lines achieved by extending drive train component life and thus reducing downtime.