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Trucking cabs needs a helping hand or an extra eye to help truck drivers avoid many possible accidents and be more aware of what is around them. Blind spots can be a problem in such a large cab and it is difficult to be able to see every vehicle on the road. With a camera monitoring system from Orlaco, known as the CornerEye, drivers will not have a blind spot and they can view up to 270 degrees helping around them, improving their vision while driving.

Truck drivers deal with the pressure of getting to their destination on time and delivering their orders. With the extra help of a camera monitoring system they will improve on their driving performance and reduce the chances of accidents or road damage. The CornerEye gives a full HD view of the surroundings of the driver in high resolution so that everything is clear and visible.

The camera is waterproof for all types of weather, shockproof, and vibration resistant. It is able to improve the safety for the driver and those around the truck. With this camera many truck builders can be exempt of certain requirements that makes it easier for producing truck cabs in a timely manner. With an HD monitor inside the truck there is no need for a pavement and front view mirrors. The CornerEye meets many of the standards required by each state including the R10 criteria.

As each truck driver has one in the truck cab there isn't the worry of a distraction or interference from electromagnetic fields as these monitors will continue to produce high quality definition vision for the driver. There will be more to view and less things to get in the way of a good performance from a good driver. No longer is the road as much of a hazard as it was in the past with the new CornerEye camera.
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