A Few More Bright Ideas.....

MHUB - October 26, 2014

Rubbing a non-magnetized screwdriver against a magnet will magnetize the screwdriver. Magnetized screwdrivers are perfect for getting screws into hard-to-reach areas.

Got chrome with a small amount of surface rust on it? Wadding up some aluminum foil and rubbing it over the rust will make short work of the problem.

Polishing your expensive billet and chrome wheels takes a soft approach. Fleece material is perfect, but T-shirts, cloth diapers, and terry-cloth towels can actually scratch more.

Did you know that latex gloves are porous? Bad stuff can pass through to your skin. Put disposable nylon gloves under the latex when working with chemicals that may be hazardous to your skin.

Want a simple cleanup for the exterior of your new truck? Most new vehicles today have emblems and trim held on with adhesive foam. Merely removing the trim, emblems, and accompanying residue will provide your truck with a much cleaner appearance.

Rain-X works wonders for all automotive glass, both inside and out. Use it on the outside of the windshield, and both the inside and outside of your side windows if they roll up and down. The Rain-X preserves the rubber glass seals and you'll never have a window stick to the seal.

Installing headers in your truck is usually something none of us looks forward to doing, but once completed, we're happy. To keep from doing the install twice, do not use the gaskets if they are the paper-style, as they are prone to leaking. Instead, pop for some copper or multi-layer steel gaskets. They are worth the extra dough in the long run.

Find a screw in your tire? Resist the urge to pull it out until you have deflated the tire completely to keep that screw from being blasted into you.

Not all intake gaskets are created equal. Some intake gaskets have portions that purposely block off water passages to keep the flow going in a consistent direction. Gaskets are available in many ways varying by years, options, etc so ensure yours are correct before buttoning up the top end or you will find yourself doing the job again.