The First Electric School Bus Unleashed

imported_John Whelan - March 24, 2014

Good News For Green Energy Advocates

The first all electric school bus is running around right now in California. It's going to be so sweet to be able to knock a block off of the fossil fuel industry wall of power. Even though it will only be one block at a time the fight will keep going to reduce our carbon footprint.

Motiv Power Systems along with Trans Tech Bus has put together the first electric driven school bus in a Ford E-450 cutaway chassis. With ZERO emissions what could be sweeter than to drive by the fuel pumps and not have to worry about filling up but instead plugging into the grid.

These buses will run at a top speed of 60 mph with a range of 80 to 100 miles. Fuel and maintenance savings are estimated to reach $10,000 a year. There have been studies out there that have indicated that exhaust emissions from diesel engines could cause cancer. I can see this would be more serious for children with vulnerable respiratory systems.

This brought forth the “no idle” rule around school yards which is just a band aid on a serious problem. I'm worried personally because I've been getting a whiff of diesel into my system on a daily basis for over 3 decades. I suppose it depends on how many parts per million of harmful particulates a person would breath in but long term it can't be healthy to breath in any kind of emissions produced from combustion.