Having Flatbed Lumber Tarps

Mechanics Hub - March 19, 2013
Lumber truckers will tell you that the primary concern when they drive is getting their load to their destination without any problem. Lumber may or may not be cut equally, making the logistics of loading and securing lumber a little more difficult. Securing is done in a number of ways from straps to tarps, but not many people know how to apply those items correctly or securely.Flatbed lumber tarps, if applied correctly, work wonders for the trucker because it is ideal for heavy lumber loads, which are becoming more and more common. Here are two things to consider when maximizing the usage of the lumber tarp. Consider Drop Length – The drop length is probably the most neglected part about tarps. Securely fastening the lumber is one thing, but if you have a drop that is too low it is not reinforcing the lumber. If nothing else, a longer drop means that the elements will not affect the lumber making it a hazard on the road. Extra length means extra protection in most cases. Reinforcements – Depending on how large the lumber is, adding an extra tarp to the cause is not a bad idea. Overlapping or overlaying an extra tarp on the other is a common practice that has proven to secure tightly and protect the tarp. Note that the tarps themselves have to be securely fastened by ratchet straps or bungee cords. If that is not secure then the application of the lumber tarps are futile. There are several tarps that are available depending on the size of the load. It’s never a bad idea to have a number of tarps available just to be sure. Unfortunately just having straps isn’t enough. Seasoned truckers will tell you that driving in the elements present several challenges with heightened exposure to the dark. Open and exposed lumber is a dangerous thing even if you are driving only a few miles away. Fortunately not many accidents have occurred in recent years regarding lumber transportation accidents. Some lumber providers drive a few miles while others drive a few states away. The risk is far greater not having adequate logistics involved. Every trucker has a particular arsenal with them at all times like bungee cords and an extra ratchet set. Lumber tarps should be included with that. They don’t have to be used for only lumber purposes either. It is very multidimensional as far as use goes and you just never know when you will need it.