Freightliner Power Draw

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Dylan dunsmore
March 24th, 2021 4:41pm

Hey!! Ive got a 2006 freightliner eith a mercedes 906 diesel. Im having problems with power draw when i turn over. Took it into a truck mechanic, and they checked the ring gear, and the starter, and said there are no problems with the teeth, or the bendyx activation, and that its some sort of power draw issue... it starts, and runs. But sometimes ill start it, and it will try and turn over (seemingly having a lot of torque/ juice) but then the bendyx will lose connection with the flywheel (as tho the teeth arent making contact) and then zooooooom... the bendyx spins 16,000 times per second, and clink: itll find the ring gear again... when i turn it over (starting at 12.2V) it will cycle down to 10, sometimes 9V while trying to turn over!!... ive started by replacing the battery shut off switch where the battery banks are (which act as a relay/ or an interrupter really) and my voltage shot way up (and charged with the the bus running much faster than before) but im still getting the massive power draw when i turn the key!! Any ideas before i bust out my wallet again?? Any advice would be appreciated!! Thanks

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