Winter road conditions showing before and after snow removal.
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Gritit is proactive in preparing for the upcoming winter in the UK. They are the leading gritting service across the country as a large variety of businesses that include retail and industrial, depend on their services during the Winter season. Part of their success is due to the fact they employ all of their own operators, avoid subcontracting, and own all of their vehicles. Gritit has been around since 2004 and has developed a reputation of being reliable and resourceful. In order to maintain this reputation, Gritit continues to plan ahead and prepare for the worst. They offer a number of services that include snow clearing, gritting, and more recently, pothole and crack repair.

Safety is one of the top priorities of Gritit as they are confident in their services and are liable for clients that have experienced an accident or claim. As they work around the clock to prepare for the upcoming Winter, they are improving transportation through data and overall operations. Instead of using two separate systems to determine reporting, job allocation, and location of vehicles, they are able to remove the major software developing demands with one system, Telogis. This single platform operation allows for existing operations of Gritit to be integrated into one complete faster operation. Telogis automatically integrates the two systems and removes wasting time for a faster response to locations, handling higher demands.

Telogis will lead to further technology through Gritit's business systems. Not only will their transportation improve so will their communication capabilities. As Gritit continues to utilize the Telogis platform, they will develop and grow with the use of more information in its data exchange that will allow for a greater collection of data and communication from onsite drivers through the usage of mobile devices. This new technology will enable sending a wide range of information to employees, running the business more efficiently with such things as invoices and contracts created faster than ever.