Heavy Equipment Cleaning for Agricultural Machinery

Mechanics Hub - June 22, 2012
Gone are the days of using horse-drawn carts or cattle in yokes to farm the land. Most modern farming involves the use of mechanized technologies to reap, sow, fertilize, thresh, irrigate, harvest and churn. To help extend the life of heavy equipment, it’s important to properly clean and maintain it with the help of professional pressure washing services. Agricultural machinery and buildings that can benefit from professional pressure washing services include: Wheel tractors Sprayers Seeders Reapers Trucks Plows Compactors Hay equipment Milk drawing equipment Grain drying equipment Soil cultivators Fertilizer and manure spreaders Barns Animal living quarters Combine harvesters Conveyer belts Planters Stalk shredders Balers Pickers Silage harvesters Trailers Telehandlers Hay equipment Silos Challenges Involved with Heavy Equipment Washing Delaying heavy equipment washing can cause built-up silt, dirt and mud on machinery to harden, which can corrode your equipment. Keeping your equipment clean can help make maintenance and repairs simpler and keep machinery looking like new. However, while simply buying a pressure washer and using in-house labor may seem easier than hiring a professional service, consider that DIY heavy equipment washing without using the correct nozzles or the right cleaning techniques can damage equipment. Such an event can slow down productivity and be expensive to repair. Other reasons to hire professional pressure washing services for your heavy equipment cleaning needs: Pollutants. Without proper heavy equipment washing, the chemicals in fertilizers and manure can corrode farm machinery, making it unsafe to operate. Unfortunately, these same pollutants make do-it-yourself cleaning a challenge, as failure to safely get rid of the wastewater produced can compromise the health of your goods and employees. Health and sanitation. Failure to properly clean livestock living quarters can promote the spread of dangerous bacteria and invite a pest infestation. Heavy equipment cleaning can help maintain the sanitary conditions of your livestock, which is essential if you are involved in dairy goods, cattle ranching, poultry farming, sheep shearing for wool, meat production or the manufacturing of leather goods. Professional pressure washing services can effectively clean animal living quarters so they are free of dirt, stains and pests. Pest infestations. Failure to use professional power washing services to clean silos between fills can result in a pest infestation. Pests can compromise the sanitary conditions you work so hard to maintain, and they can cause a loss of revenue if your goods become contaminated. Why Using a Professional Power Washing Service is the Best Solution With barely enough hours in the day to complete normal day-to-day operations, it can be hard to gather the funds to purchase the specialized pressure washing tools needed for heavy equipment washing – not to mention hiring certified workers who are familiar with the machinery. Reputable heavy equipment cleaning services use a variety of specialized equipment and products that meet USDA standards, including steam pressure washers, hot and cold pressure waters, portable pressure washers and trailer-mounted pressure washers. These devices are specifically manufactured to clean heavy-duty machinery, which makes them more reliable, durable and efficient than most commercially available power washing equipment. Professional pressure washing equipment is designed to address specific challenges. For example, steam pressure washers and hot pressure washers are perfect for fast, deep cleaning and the removal of petrochemicals, oil, sludge spots, grease, mud buildup and mire blemishes. These pressure washers are also ideal for cleaning the fatty acids, stearic acids from animals, and other fats off plastic machine parts and rubber tires. Furthermore, the experts who perform professional power washing services are trained to handle environmental issues such as pesticide residue and suspended solids, so your land, livestock and employees stay safe. When you have a busy agricultural organization, professional power washing services can help your machinery and buildings stay clean without the need to purchase and store specialized equipment. Schedule regular cleaning sessions so you never have to worry about this aspect of your operation again.