Orbcomm's PT 7000 set on a black background.
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OROBCOMM Inc. is an international provider of machine to machine solutions along with internet of things solutions currently located in Rochelle Park, New Jersey. They recently announced that they have developed a new telematics solution for the heavy equipment industry that is set to change the way the industry works in relation to fleet management. These developments include their new PT 7000 device which is a cellular as well as satellite device. Also, the FleetEdge application for internet use allows for the optimal monitoring and control or their equipment while it is in use. These advances apply to the fields of construction as well as rail, utilities and mining industries.

With these new advances in fleet management, there comes a new level of visibility and monitoring that will increase productivity levels and efficiency. Data and analytics will be available in real time as well as information relating to the amount of fuel that is being consumed by a vehicle, how the vehicle is being operated and the amount of hours that an engine runs per day. This will help productivity but also ensure that drivers are performing safely and receiving the time they need to rest along their route. Customers can also learn about the position of the equipment, the status of the route and ensure that there is no theft or loss involved during the entire process as it occurs.

ORBCOMM’s CEO, Marc Eisenberg, feels that these technological advances are going to provide useful information that will increase revenue and help consumers make more advanced business decisions that will benefit them in the long run. Decreasing maintenance costs over time and achieving better equipment performance is also ideal. Allowing for management on the go from a mobile device, ORBCOMM Mobile’s app provides usage and access of FleetEdge. The program is easy to use and easy to navigate using iOS and Android cellular devices.
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