How to Remove the Blood from Under your Fingernails

Mechanics Hub - November 3, 2012
How many of us have either hit our fingers, thumbs, with a hammer or gotten them crunched in something and caused a build up of blood underneath the fingernail? I did, on two fingers the other day, I was putting in a clutch pack with another mechanic, something I rarely do, I usually do it by myself, but on this day I was helping someone else, and gotten my fingers pinched between the pack and the bell housing. You don't realize how heavy they are until you have 150 lbs pinching your fingers between metal. OUCH! Anyway after getting my fingers out, I had the most ridiculous pain I've ever experienced in my finger tips, they were not bleeding externally, but I could see the blood filling underneath my finger nails. I left it alone, and considered going to the hospital, but didn't. Two days passed, and these two fingers, looked like water balloons, and still throbbed with every beat of my heart. A co worker of mine, saw them and said, "Get a hot pin, and relieve the blood. This sounded kind of barbaric and painful, but he was right, I needed to relieve the pressure, so thinking about it, and what would be less painful, I decided a 1/16 th drill bit. (PURCHASED NEW FOR THE OCCASSION) Rubbing alcohol, to clean this drill bit, and then slowly but surely just twisting the drill bit over the dark red, blood spot, I successfully allowed the blood to drain out from under my finger nails. My fingers, are a little sore, but relatively doing much better. I can type again. I can properly hold a pen too. So I would consider this minor operation a success. I'm not sure doctor's agree with me, however, doctor's at the hospital would have much better things to do then remove the blood from under my fingernails. As for keeping out infection, I've just been using polysporin and bandaids. Maybe this may help someone out there who wishes for the same relief..