How To Find a GPS Tracker on Your Vehicle

MHUB - April 6, 2018
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Video: You will find many articles online on how to find a GPS Tracker in your car. I find it amusing that most of them have as their last step to get a professional to find it for you. Now here is where I am going to save you money. Do Not buy a cheap Bug Detector to find a tracker. They do not work. In this day and age all trackers have movement sensors inside and do Not emit a signal while being parked, and it is impossible for one person to sweep a vehicle with a detector while moving of course. Movement sensors usually kick in around 11 MPH so just shaking the vehicle does not work anymore.

Read these words carefully. “ IF you are sweeping your vehicle with a bug/gps detector while it’s parked you’re wasting your time.” Most trackers only transmit or update to a website every 2 minutes or less to save on battery life. So if you’re trying to scan for it, even while in motion; you may not get a reading unless you held your RF/GSM Detector in every area for more than 2 minutes at a time. Believe me, No one is that thorough. Nor has that amount of patience. You might as well have a Spy Geek help you. People who try finding trackers themselves often get more frustrated and spend more money than if they would have just called us to begin with. You must have a trained Spy Geek do a physical inspection with the car parked first. Then a rolling RF/GSM/GPS Sweep second. This is the only way my friends..