The Importance of Preventing Exhaust System Back Pressure

Mechanics Hub - August 26, 2011
If you've ever thought about the importance of your truck or car exhaust system? The quicker your engine gets rid of the spent exhaust gases, the more efficient the internal combustion process will be. This means added horsepower and torque where the rubber hits the road. Stock exhaust systems are OK but manufacturers don't get into the high performance end of the game. I'm not saying all manufacturers but most have a stock exhaust system that is acceptable but creates a back pressure that could be transformed into extra horsepower, torque and fuel economy. Manufacturers use a pipe bending process called a "crush" or "bend" technique that's easier and faster but reduces exhaust pipe diameter. High performance companies use a "mandrel bending" trick that uses an insert in the pipe that does not allow the diameter of the pipe to decrease. The term, "bigger is better" is not the case as the exhaust system has to be a certain diameter depending on the model of vehicle. You can't compare a diesel engine to a fuel injected gas exhaust system. So yes, high performance exhaust systems reduce restrictions by increasing the diameter of your pipes which improves engine scavenging. Of course, they do not come without an extra cost. You've probably seen some non-OEM (original equipment manufacturer) exhaust systems running around the local streets. Some I have seen can sound rather annoying but there are packages that just give your truck or car exhaustthat extra flow through to improve performance.