International MaxxForce DT Rebuild Follow Up

imported_John Whelan - August 6, 2018
Just another step in the rebuild process of our MaxxForce DT engine. The head has been removed along with the oil pan which required the front engine mount to be removed. The steering axle is in the way so once the oil pan retainers are removed and oil pan is let down it hits the steering axle and the oil pump suction tube in the crankcase is also there to cause an obstruction.

No one said it was going to be easy. The world of diesel engines is full of twists and turns and with emissions here to cause premature failures it looks like the idea of getting 450,000 kilometers out of a diesel engine is going to be a challenge. The contamination that causes all of the wear on the cylinder walls is obvious from the recycled exhaust being redirected back in to the intake. You're going to here this a lot in these posts.

How will we control this contamination from entering the intake and wearing out our diesel engines? There are steps we can take that will help such as more frequent oil changes to rid the system of the high soot level in the engine oil. Getting the engine temperature up as soon as possible to keep the emission system clean and maintain that heat. No idling at all... drivers need to keep the high idle setting on at all times.

Regular forced regens will be required to purge out the soot and ash that restricts exhaust flow and reduces damage to the DPF. Maximum engine temperature is good but not excessive heat in the DPF due to restriction. The filter material starts to break a part and exhaust bypasses the filter. This can be checked with a snap throttle test which is just a quick throttle activation while the vehicle is stationary and watching for black smoke out of the tail pipe. If there is a indication smoke then the DPF has to be inspected.

I'm all in for saving the planet from toxic exhaust but I've seen too many times the emission system failing and pumping out black plumes of smoke in the environment. If the technology on the MaxxForce diesel engines was more reliable and designed to prevent failure our world would be a better place. The budget dollars would be better spent on regular maintenance and repairs just like the good old days.
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