Technician holding a tablet and browsing Kohler website.
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As one of the premier engine manufacturers currently in the United States, Kohler Engine has found a way to give dealers as well as technicians digital access to items most commonly used. These items include manuals, part information and a variety of educational resources used for installation or repair purposes. This new service is called iService and this online option is currently being used by technician professionals all over the country to educate and stay informed.

The initial release of the Kohler Engine iService took place at the International Construction and Utility Equipment Expo. Demonstrations showed detailed features of how to access support from the Kohler Engine help desk, browse specific equipment manuals, order parts, read through engine warranty information, educational material on product information, and much more. There are also detailed pictures included along with step by step instruction for technicians to be able to complete repairs. Kohler Engine produces very high quality products and there are often difficult tasks that can be time consuming for professionals. This service makes quick work of these issues. Factory updates can also be shared as part of the iService program.

There is an online academy featured on iService. This is an educational program that teaches a number of skills to those who watch one of the videos. A test can even be taken at the end of a ‘lesson’ in order to determine if the person viewing the information absorbed all of the information and truly understands what they have learned.

The Kohler Engine iService can be accessed by using any browser option on a PC. Smartphones as well as tablets can also use the iService program. The service is extremely simple to use and easy to navigate even for that technician not that technologically inclined. For more information on iService dealers can call 1-800-544-2444.