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October 2nd, 2019 4:38pm
Have this problem with my 2010 NPR300 Isuzu truck – believe it has the 4HK1 engine, 220,000km.

ABS light came on afew months ago been driving it around without any problems.

A week ago, started the truck and left it idling whilst I went and got changed. Could here the engine starting to rev alittle higher but assumed it was going through the particulate exhaust filter process.
When I jumped in the truck to drive off, it had gone into limp mode and the engine light had come on and the green exhaust brake light was flashing on and off.

I turned the truck off and took the EGR valve off and cleaned it in the hope it might fix the problem (had to do something). Restarted the truck (it was cold by now) and let it warm up. Tried the exhaust brake lever and the green light on the dash would light up but the butterfly at the exhaust was not operating. I checked for power at the vacuum valve just before the butterfly and there was'nt any when activating the exhaust brake. When I turned the truck off however, the power came on for a second as the truck turned off. I restarted the truck and at just over the 2 bars on the bottom of the temp gauge, I thought it may be warm enough to do a forced exhaust filter clean so held the button down for 15 seconds but no light came on the dash. As it idled the revs slowely increased over 5 minute period upto around 1600 rpm so presumed it was cleaning. However, the revs suddenly dropped and the engine light came back on and the exhaust brake light started flashing again and the truck went back into limp mode

So any idea's ?
October 3rd, 2019 6:56pm
October 3rd, 2019 7:07pm