Yellow John Deere 844k Wheel Loader pouring gravel onto truck on construction site.
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John Deere is challenging Caterpillar’s Cat Pays You Back program with their new fuel guarantee fray. The WorkSight Fuel Advantage program has “aggressive fuel targets that are 10 percent lower than Caterpillar,” says Deere global tactical marketing manager, Mark Favetti.

In addition, Deere will be offering its registered North American customers a $100 fuel card paired with a consultation with a dealer. Equipment can earn $1 per litre/gallon if the machine’s yearly fuel intake is higher than the program’s target consumption level.

The program applies to 47 models Deere models such as wheel loaders, dozers, haulers, graders, and excavators. Customers who purchase between November, 2015 and August 2016 have the opportunity to register the machine on the Fuel Advantage website.

“We want to foster a relationship with our dealers, and encourage customers to have in-depth conversations with them about these reports, and we’re willing to invest in that conversation,” says Favetti.

A data report from the JD on-board link machine will be sent to machine owners each quarter which will provide information on how the machine compares against national targets. The report will analyze and make suggestions on how to improve in the following key areas: idle time, percentage of engine load utilization, fuel burned at idle time, and fuel economy. If the registered user meets with their local dealer to discuss the report within 2 months of receiving the report, they will received a one hundred dollar fuel card.

While geographical location can have a large variance on fuel consumption, Deere is committed to its national targets.

The program will run for 3 years or for 5,000 hours for buyer who register before the August deadline.


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