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My Car is Better than Yours

Mechanics Hub - October 13, 2010
A man buys a huge new car and shows it to his neighbor. Its great says the neighbor but does it have a bed in like mine? But your car is tiny says the man. Yes but watch this, the neighbor presses a button on his tiny car's dashboard and a bed unfolds. The man rushes back to the car showroom and demands a bed be fitted to his new car. The next day the man takes his huge car ( now fitted with a bed ) to show his neighbor but the neighbor is out. The man drives around looking for the neighbor and sees his car parked up in a rest stop with all the windows steamed up! The man goes to the car and starts banging ion the window. There is no signs of the neighbor and the windows are too steamed up to see inside. He bangs again, and again and eventually the neighbor (naked) wipes a circle into the steamed up window. "What the hell do you want?" "My car has a bed like yours!" "GEEZ! you got me out the shower to tell me that!!!"