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A Few Good Tractor Jokes

Mechanics Hub - October 31, 2010
Q. Did you hear about the Magic Tractor ? A. It turned into a field Q. What kind of a tractor comes in a box? A. Case. Q. What did John Deere say to Allis Chalmers the night they were married? A. Good night, Allis, Deere. Q. What kind of tractor do you always hire and never own? A. A contractor! Q. What do you call someone who used to like tractors? A. An extractor Fan. A young lad is totally into tractors. He subscribes to the latest magazines, he know the latest models etc. One day however, he sees a tractor kill a dog and he becomes less and less interested in tractors because every time he thinks of them he is reminded of the poor dog. 10 years pass and the lad (now a young man) walks into a bar with his girlfriend. Girlfriend : God I hate it when its so smoky in these places? The lad takes a deep breath and much to his girlfriends amazement he then proceeds to breathe in all the smoke in the bar. Girlfriend : Wow, how did you do that?? Young Man : Didn't you know that I'm an ex-tractor fan!! Q. What did the farmer say when he lost his tractor? A. Where's my tractor ? Q. Where do you find a tractor with no wheels? A. In the same place you left it?