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You Know it's Time To Change your Car When...

Mechanics Hub - October 21, 2010
You know its time to change your car when.....Â

1. You spend more on oil than on petrol.

2. Your car leaves three types of liquid in your parking space.

3. You offer a friend a lift and they say no because they are in a hurry.

4. You feel good if you beat a cyclist at the lights.

5. You get invited to join a car restoration club.

6. Your neighbours all chip in to buy you a car cover.

7. Your car leaves more smoke than a David Copperfield show.

8. Somebody breaks in and finds a portable radio instead of a deck.

9. Hitch hikers hide when they see you coming.

10. And Finally, you know its time to change that car when some old duffer tells you that they are the best car ever made.