Technicians at Kenworth dealership
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Kenworth launched its new PremierCare Gold Certified program at the American Trucking Associations Management Conference and Exhibition. The program will enhance and create a higher level of customer service and will be available in their US and Canadian locations.

This program will work alongside their existing customer service PremierCare program, which has been in place for over two decades. Kenworth interviewed customers in the development of the program and determined the importance of uptime. The PremierCare ExpressLane is a main feature to the program. The ExpressLane is comprised of technicians that are prepared to do diagnostics in a time efficient manner. Technicians will provide a quote and complete a full analysis within two hours of arrival.

“The goal is to do away with trucks sitting in the queue and drivers waiting for an estimate. And that’s critical to our customers, especially when the repair may be very simple and can be completed within hours. Knowing what’s happening, quickly, will help customers make the decisions needed to keep their deliveries on schedule.” said Jason Skoog, assistant general manager for sales and marketing.

In addition to the ExpressLane, the company is also offering a 24/7 PremierCare RoadSide Assistance program which helps to solve roadside emergencies. The call center functions to assist the driver with roadside issues and get the problem solved so they can resume their route and meet their time schedules.

Dealerships also offer extended operation hours on evenings and weekends. Technicians will have completed the top qualifications at their Kenworth Gold locations. These certifications meet the regulations for PACCAR MX series models and dealerships will supply the appropriate engine parts.

The certification provides drivers the security and assurance that they will be able to solve both minor and major roadside issues. While smaller concerns can be solved on the road, larger concerns can be repaired at the closest dealership. “Every Kenworth PremierCare Gold Certified dealership offers dedicated TruckTech+ professionals on site,” Skoog said.